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About the Event

IvyCap Day 2023

IvyCap Day is a convergence of IvyCap Ventures' ecosystem, bringing together investors, entrepreneurs, mentors, and esteemed speakers from diverse domains.

Our theme for IvyCap Day 2023 is "Return of Dragons," symbolizing our commitment to capital efficiency, value creation, and maximizing returns in the investment ecosystem.

As the interest rate environment undergoes irreversible changes, it is crucial for the VC community and founders to adapt swiftly, embracing the traits of Dragons that signify essential shifts for the venture investment ecosystem. Dragons represent a strategic shift from valuation focus to value creation, efficient capital utilization, and profitable growth. These transformations have operational and business implications, emphasizing the importance of ROI and shifting from paper NAVs to Cash-to-Cash ROI. At IvyCap Day 2023, our iconic speakers, thought leaders, and industry experts will share their experiences and insights through panel discussions, keynote speeches, and interactive sessions.

Join us to explore transformative opportunities, gain valuable insights, and shape the future of the startup ecosystem by unlocking the power of Dragons.

IvyCap Day

The impact of IvyCap Day over the years has been profound and far-reaching, with numerous attendees lauding it as an unparalleled platform that has facilitated invaluable connections, provided access to potential partners, and unveiled new horizons for exploring business opportunities. Furthermore, IvyCap Day has played a pivotal role in igniting the growth of the Indian startup ecosystem, fostering job creation, and propelling economic prosperity.

Notably, our event has witnessed the presence of distinguished luminaries who have graced our stage and shared their priceless experiences and expertise. Past speakers have included the likes of Mr. Harsh Mariwala, Chairman of Marico Limited; Mr. KV Kamath, Chairman of the National Bank for Infrastructure Development; Soumya Kanti Ghosh, Group Chief Economic Advisor at State Bank of India, among many others. These luminaries have been instrumental in transforming IvyCap Day into an unparalleled platform for the exchange of visionary ideas, groundbreaking innovation, and exponential business growth. We are immensely proud to have hosted such esteemed speakers, and we eagerly anticipate continuing this tradition by uniting the finest minds from the industry at IvyCap Day 2023.

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